Glowing hands healing a heart.


Dr. B. Raven Lee returns psychotherapy to its roots of soul consciousness, and the remembrance of our true essence. As a transpersonal psychotherapist, she views the psyche from a Jungian and Buddhist perspective, also utilizing shamanism and energy psychology. Her interdisciplinary approach assesses disturbances in the energy flow and their connection to the underlying complexes.

By guiding her clients to reconnect to their essence, she helps them transform their suffering into wisdom. She integrates different treatment modalities, including dream analysis, EMDR, mind/body approaches (such as energy psychology, reiki, and ancient shamanic practices) and meditation techniques, to promote healing.


Based on her decades of experience and training in dream practices and analysis, Dr. Lee uses an innovative approach to transform the psyche by unlocking the sacred messages of dreams and accessing their healing energy. Through specific techniques, individuals learn to decode, track and harness the numinous energy of dreams, and to expand their awareness of the dream body and its relevance to chakras and meridians.